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All about EMS Personaltraining

Experience produces results and vice versa – miha bodytec makes this catchy statement its own when it comes to function and effect. The EMS unit stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously – individual sections can be trained and stimulated more or less powerfully, depending on daily form and intensity. Feel healthy, fit and contented all around – this dream becomes reality with miha bodytec.


Unlike conventional EMS training devices, the miha bodytec stimulates agonist and antagonist plus deep muscle groups simultaneously. All muscle groups are kept on course by their individual programme – training and application can be performed while lying down passively or in an active manner, with additional exercises while standing or even dynamically through complex movements. There are no limits to intensity and extent – for successful training through and through.


What was once only possible after years of training is now achievable through electro-muscular stimulation. Users profit immediately from the electrifying advantages because all physical performance is increased. The success is visible and tangible quickly, fat content and weight are reduced, but muscles are gently formed, strength and endurance increased, body shape and problem zones tightened, and general well-bring and mobility improved. Sounds tempting - because it is!


Free time is a luxury – too much of a luxury to spend it on strenuous, time-consuming and ineffective training sessions. The miha bodytec combines luxury time with the desire for exercise – with no compromises: 10 to 30 minutes per training session are enough to achieve tangible results in just a few weeks.


The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club is a versatile and faithful companion not only because of its many application areas, but also because of its mobility and compact handling. This “personal trainer” is the user’s best friend – whether at home, while travelling, in fitness, beauty, therapy or high-performance sports facilities.

The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club combines the right ingredients to form a revolutionary system: The most innovative technology combined with optimal results and optimal comfort. The laptop-sized controller can be used without problems anywhere – portable while travelling or set up on an attractive stand.Equally comfortable is the easy-to-wear vest which connects by a grip to the training unit. Plug & play, and your personal trainer is ready for action.


True beauty meets ultimate ease of use – miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club is designed to be virtually self-explanatory and scores a hit with its clear control panel. That makes the all-round trainings device especially attractive for suppliers and users. All functions are controlled from the console. For each user, this means simply getting active following your own programme.

Plug and play is the principle behind the miha bodytec. Designed as a modular system, it allows all muscle groups from head to foot to be stimulated individually. The exercise vest contains electrodes in the areas of the upper and lower back, lats, stomach and chest. The abdominal belt stimulates the gluteal muscles, while arm and leg pads stimulate all arm and leg muscles. Available in different sizes, the exercise vest is always a perfect fit. Quick-release straps make for easy handling. Just tighten and off you go!


The well-fitting miha bodytec under-garment optimises the system. Hi-tech materials in the vest and straps mean total wearing comfort. Electrode surfaces are covered in an absorbent, antibacterial layer of microfibre. All you have to do is moisten the electrodes, put on the vest, use and feel good.

Sport and Training

Leisure and competitive athletes, amateurs and professionals all value the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club equally: because the EMS training has a positive effect on promoting maximum strength. Because EMS increases muscle formation (hypertrophy). Because EMS improves speed of movement and endurance and evens out muscular imbalances. And because EMS achieves visible and tangible success in a very short time.


For most athletes whose type of sport is governed by speed, specific speed training plays an important role – indirectly by training basic motor skills such as strength and endurance, and directly through speed exercises. The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club is the perfect back-up: The application of the EMS training device, alone or in combination with conventional training methods, quickly leads to a new level of power and high-speed performance to take you to sporting success.


The miha bodytec uses electro-stimulation to achieve stronger and more intense muscle contraction than does voluntary exertion alone. Depending on intensity, programme choice and individual goals, users can not only build muscles but can achieve better definition and make them stronger, more responsive and more untiring – simply more efficient. Train effectively in a new dimension.


Rapid strength growth in a shorter time. The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club goes to the heart of strength training. Individual adjustment of intensity, duration and frequency sets personal training goals quickly, effectively and consistently – no matter whether it’s increasing maximum strength or improving strength endurance. The miha bodytec is designed to suit the individual requirements of the athlete.


The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club is equally at home in high-performance and leisure sport. Whether alone or in addition to other training methods, professional or amateur: Your personal training goals are always to the fore with miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club.

Health & Medical

Electro-muscular stimulation is now used in the areas of medicine and rehabilitation. Therapeutic body and joint EMS technology is being used in pain therapy and in muscle development after operations and injuries. The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club has a beneficial and healing effect with back pain, in particular, with problems of incontinence and pelvic floor weakness, as well as with painful muscle cramps. Quality of life in the health area gets a new meaning with miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club.


Dealing with everyday problems is easy if you feel physically and mentally well and healthy. The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club promotes this feeling. EMS applications also have therapeutic effects because the physical and mental aspects are closely linked and often interact. Gentle training with the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club improves the general atmosphere and performance – for more vitality and enjoyment of life every day.


Back pain is the most common illness among the general population. One of the main causes is muscular imbalance – especially in the torso. The miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club declares war on this suffering by strengthening the muscles of the torso and restoring muscular balance, because the electric impulses train even deep stabilising muscles that are difficult to reach by traditional methods. A fit and strong back is a delight.


After injuries and operations, the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club provides optimal support when it comes to gently rebuilding muscle. Individual muscles or muscle groups are gently and specifically manipulated. All exercises can be performed in a lying position and increased any way you want or when performance improves through exercises standing up, plus active, dynamic components.


Bladder weakness is not rare – urine incontinence is a widespread illness in Germany. Training with the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club can prevent and relieve it by strengthening the muscles in the area of the pelvic floor to relieve or eliminate muscle weakness and incontinence problems after just a few uses. It follows that the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club is also popular after pregnancy.

Beauty & Wellness

miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club  finally does away with the old expression “no pain, no gain”. The all-round training device controls body styling to perfection – and without those sweaty workouts: it declares war on cellulite problems and riding breeches, reduces weight and fat, and stimulates blood circulation and the metabolism. Problem zones disappear once and for all.


Anti-cellulite treatment needs activity and activation: Instead of only treating the surface, the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club provides a deeper solution: The electrical impulses activate the musculature and connective tissue in its entirety, stimulating circulation and the removal of superfluous fat cells. A perfect form of training that leaves cellulite and riding breeches no chance of surviving. miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club for a tight, sexy body.


By building fat-free muscle mass and promoting metabolic activity, the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club makes weight loss and fat removal a lasting possibility. In the case of women particularly, healthy eating and ongoing training target problem zones and effectively reduce excess fat around the waist and on hips and thighs. Without exertion, sweat or the yo-yo effect.


Optimal muscle metabolism is achieved through increased enzyme activity and improved circulation in organs and tissue. More energy is provided to the muscles for future expenditure – that’s power!


Heat development and the muscle pumping effect during training and application with the miha bodytec & FirstHealth-Club provide better circulation through all connective tissue – the appearance of the skin is improved, metabolic products are removed easier, while lymph transport, inner organs and peristalsis, for example, are stimulated. Well-being made easy.

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